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It was a good run. Right?

A hollow feeling blanketed US Losenoidoomock soccer as the final whistle blew in the USA's 2-1 defeat at the hands of Ghana kolapadaar. So much promise, waisted.

The USA seemed to start the match flat, like may be just may be too much positive press had inflated their egos. In doing so the USA fell behind early, and I mean early, like the first sites like wayback machine 5 minutes. It was an odd personal decision that lead to the early hole. For some reason Ricardo Clark, the man partially responsible for Steven Gerrad's early goal in the England match was back in the starting eleven. Clark once again looked terrible, and let Ghana take the ball from him in the defensive third and score. Clark was subbed out twenty-five minutes later.

The second half was better, but it was too little too late. Ghana scored a sparkling goal early in overtime sealing the USA's fate.
It's too early to decide if Bob Bradley should remain coach. He made a huge error in starting Ricardo Clark, but he was man enough to admit it.
Literally a tough pill to swallow, to be so close to catching the imagination of a nation, to being sent home. The ebb and flow of high level futbol proved to be too much for a US squad that conceded early, scored late and had no attack from their forwards.

Moving on... The Cup has entered it's most exciting portion....KNOCK OUT ROUND. That's right America, you finally get a winner, NO MAS TIES!!!

So we're on Day 3 of the round of 16, here's a brief re-cap...

Controversy: In group play it was the Jubalani ball that was causing all the problems. Now it's technology or lack thereof. England and Germany played on day two, down 2-1, Frank Lampard scored a goal that wasn't. It clearly fell a foot over the line on replay, but not to the line judge and referee, who both said no goal. Then in the nightcap of Day 2, Carlos Tevez of Argentina was more than a foot offsides on the games first goal.

FIFA doesn't want goal-line replays because they are worried it will tarnish the games image. So what about blown calls doesn't tarnish the image of FIFA? I'm in favor of goal-line replays, but not full replay. Replay slows the NFL to near stand stills, I would hate for a game with no stoppages to become stagnant.

Otherwise the group stage has been exciting, with lots of goals so far. Argentina scored three, highlighted by a brilliant strike by Tevez. The kind of goal that could be the goal of the tournament. The Germans put four goals on England. Argentina will meet Germany in the next round and that has me drooling. What a match-up! If Brazil can take out Chili, they will face the Netherlands, who won 2-1 early today. A Brazil v Netherlands match has the potential to be extremely free flowing and full of goals.See more:  cinderella tickets nyc

The World Cup may be done for team USA and the casual followers, but us futbol die-hards are in heaven. This is when the cream rises to the top, it time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful game....

That's it and that's all....


Time to get out from under the rock and realize that in less than 24 hours the biggest sporting event in the world kicks off, literally!!
At 10 am Eastern Time tomorrow morning South Africa defends home soil against US rivals Mexico. Hosts usually play well in the tournament, so Mexico should tread lightly.

Following the opener we get a salivating match-up between two former World Cup Champs in Uruguay and France. And that's just day one.
For one month the World will have one eye on South Africa and who can blame them, this is what we've been waiting for.
Day 2 marks the start of the USA's World Cup run against the UK. The hype surrounding this game is immense. Can the USA, a country that most weren't aware even had a soccer team; defeat the country that claims to have created the sport?

Local area fans can watch USA v England at the circle in DuPont on a giant television screen. Now that's European.
That's just day one and two and I didn't even mention that Argentina opens play against Nigeria on Saturday morning. So Saturday you get to see Messi and then watch the USA game. Guess what, it doesn't get any better than this. More info:  broadway matilda tickets

For all the old school sports fans and the down right haters, DO NOT MISS THIS!! Seriously, because if you do, you have to wait four years, FOUR YEARS!! To a guy like me that is a freaking eternity.

As soon as Italy hoisted the cup in Germany, I turned off the television and sat in silence for a moment. "Four more years," I said to myself. It's too long to wait. For the next thirty days I will be a kid on Christmas morning, my favorite sport is finally going to be on display. Don't be afraid to jump on the bandwagon, because unlike Capitals fans, I welcome all United States citizens and illegals for that matter. Let us unite for our country. USA!! USA!! USA!!

I hate to preach, but you're a dummy if you miss this.
That's it and that's all....


Through all the Albert Haynesworth issues, the Redskins made another significant stride towards improving the offensive line by trading for Jammal Brown from the New Orleans Saints. Brown, a two-time Pro-Bowl OT was limited in playing time last year due to a sports hernia. He signed a $3.62M tender offer to pave the way for the trade.

His signing almost ensures that Artis Hicks now moves back to a more natural position of guard (along the right side) as Brown takes the RT position. The move brings more talent, depth, and flexibility along the offensive line and was speculated in April (see final paragraph on The DC Sports Page). Should Trent Williams become injured Brown steps in at LT and Hicks moves to RT, as well as a situation where Brown succumbs to injuries Hicks could slide to RT. You can visit:  buy phantom of the opera tickets

The offensive line with the addition of Brown, 29, now has most of the offensive line set to turn 30 or slightly over with the exception being Trent Williams. Although the unit should still be a target for an upgrade in the draft, the Redskins have drastically improved enough to ensure that McNabb shouldn't become close friends with the turf.

The move that is tied to the McNabb trade for the following reason - if a 3rd Round pick goes to the Eagles the Saints receive a 4th Round pick and if the Eagles garner a 4th Round pick the Saints receive a 3rd Round pick. The Skins also pick up a 5th or 6th depending upon which way the higher pick falls.

The addition of Brown signals what many fans have come to realize over the years and a verdict that the front office has finally reached - Stephon Heyers isn't a starting tackle in the NFL. Trent Williams was drafted and immediately inserted into the lineup as a starter, as was Jacoby, Grimm, Samuels, and Jansen. Heyers couldn't even push Jansen out of the line up on his own. At this point Heyers is what he is - a journeyman reserve tackle.

One more move could be made before the final roster is set. Washington could re-sign Levi Jones as further depth. He may not be the answer at tackle, but was the unsung hero along the offensive line last season providing the stability the unit needed. Jones would be an upgrade as the first tackle coming off the bench over Heyers or at least push him in camp if competition is what the coaches really want, but rookie Capers (OT) may also have something to add to the equation and warrants watching in training camp. It now appears that tackle could be a position of strength and versatility on the line while the interior part of the line could stand an infustion of upgraded skills over the current reserves. Read more:  discount book of mormon tickets