Less than 24 Hours - this game is amazing

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Time to get out from under the rock and realize that in less than 24 hours the biggest sporting event in the world kicks off, literally!!
At 10 am Eastern Time tomorrow morning South Africa defends home soil against US rivals Mexico. Hosts usually play well in the tournament, so Mexico should tread lightly.

Following the opener we get a salivating match-up between two former World Cup Champs in Uruguay and France. And that's just day one.
For one month the World will have one eye on South Africa and who can blame them, this is what we've been waiting for.
Day 2 marks the start of the USA's World Cup run against the UK. The hype surrounding this game is immense. Can the USA, a country that most weren't aware even had a soccer team; defeat the country that claims to have created the sport?

Local area fans can watch USA v England at the circle in DuPont on a giant television screen. Now that's European.
That's just day one and two and I didn't even mention that Argentina opens play against Nigeria on Saturday morning. So Saturday you get to see Messi and then watch the USA game. Guess what, it doesn't get any better than this. More info:  broadway matilda tickets

For all the old school sports fans and the down right haters, DO NOT MISS THIS!! Seriously, because if you do, you have to wait four years, FOUR YEARS!! To a guy like me that is a freaking eternity.

As soon as Italy hoisted the cup in Germany, I turned off the television and sat in silence for a moment. "Four more years," I said to myself. It's too long to wait. For the next thirty days I will be a kid on Christmas morning, my favorite sport is finally going to be on display. Don't be afraid to jump on the bandwagon, because unlike Capitals fans, I welcome all United States citizens and illegals for that matter. Let us unite for our country. USA!! USA!! USA!!

I hate to preach, but you're a dummy if you miss this.
That's it and that's all....